[Wikimedia-l] Will Beback, Arbcom and Community oversight

ENWP Pine deyntestiss at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 24 17:39:27 UTC 2013


If you're interested in starting a broader discussion about the usefulness 
of arbcoms and alternatives to them, and the relationship of Jimbo to arbcoms,
I think the best place to do that is at Meta. There have also discussions 
there about asking for some kind of outside intervention in the Russian 
Wikipedia due to infighting there, so your request for this kind of
discussion already has a parallel on Meta. But the consensus seems to be 
that outsiders shouldn't overrule the decision of a project's arbcom. I think
it would take a significant Meta RFC to come up with a mechanism that
changes this situation, and right now I think that's highly unlikely. If
you are dissatisfied with a decision made by ENWP Arbcom and you think that
the constitutional arrangements for ENWP Arbcom should be changed, I think
you are best served by having that discussion on ENWP and/or on the ENWP email
list. This is a long way of saying that I agree with Maria and Risker. I feel 
that the tone of Risker's first email should have been more respectful, but I
also understand that Risker and Arbcom probably get an endless series of
complaints and keeping one's composure in that situation can be difficult.


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