[Wikimedia-l] Setting up a Wikimedia Trust

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 16:29:52 UTC 2013

Mathieu Stumpf, 15/03/2013 17:18:
> With all due respect: what a pile of meaningless bulshit formulation! To
> begin with, who pretend to establish an order which enable to have a
> "university podium"? I hope for them such a pitiful goal is not an
> official statement.

I didn't understand the "university podium" bit.
As for me I'm not proposing any goal here. I just saw some interest in 
the endowment proposal (which I'm actually rather tired of, after so 
many years) and tried thinking how it may look like...

>> [2] Big donors and investors want to see some effect for their
>> donation (that ideally is not selfish). For instance, if I'm a rich
>> widow with, say, 50 million € to give away in my will,
> Are you aware that this example bring no rational evidence, while it do
> participate to ambiant misogyny? Why not just a rich woman, or even a
> rich person?

It's *really* a true story. But you're right, I should have just said "a 
rich person without heirs" (millionaire but not billionaire).

> Now, don't resent my remarks, it's just to share what it make me
> feel/think.

I don't resent them, thanks for sharing. :)


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