[Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] Please join the community review of 4 FDC funding requests!

Katy Love klove at wikimedia.org
Thu Mar 7 19:00:11 UTC 2013

Greetings, Wikimedia community,

It is my pleasure to share with you that the Funds Dissemination
Committee has received four proposals in Round 2 of funding from
entities seeking funds for their annual plans. An additional proposal
was withdrawn. These four proposals from Wikimedia Czech Republic,
France, Hong Kong, and Norway request a total of over $1.2 million

WM Czech Republic: $14,084.50
WM France: $747,259
WM Hong Kong: $211,916.67
WM Norway: $235,715

We need your help in reviewing the proposals in order to consider the
potential impact of movement funds. To this end, we have launched the
community review period to help the FDC strategically allocate
Wikimedia movements funds.  We invite you, members of the Wikimedia
community, to review the proposals and provide thoughts and ask
questions. [1] The community review period is open until March 31.

A bit more about the community review period: the FDC proposal
submission deadline (March 1) is followed by a 30-day open comment
period when community members are invited to provide input on and ask
questions about each proposal. During this period, fund-seeking
entities (that is, those that submitted proposals) are requested to
respond to questions about their proposals on the proposal discussion
pages. All community input and entity responses are submitted as part
of each proposal package to the FDC. While the community may comment
on proposals after the open comment period closes on March 31, the FDC
may not be able to take comments made after this period into
consideration. After this, on April 8, the FDC staff will share their
assessments of the proposals, which will take into account the
community input. On May 1, the FDC announces its recommendations to
the WMF Board, and on June 1, the Board will make decisions about
funding allocations.

To join the community review for Round 2 proposals, please visit the
FDC proposal page [1], which links to all current proposals and their
discussion pages. You can review the proposal by opening the proposal
form for each entity, and submit questions or comments on the proposal
discussion pages. While the proposals are unfortunately only available
in English, we hope that the longer period for review this round will
help address this challenge. We hope that this community review period
will bring an in-depth and robust review to each of the four

The FDC seriously values the input and feedback of the Wikimedia
community. Therefore, they ask for your comments and questions on
these proposals. The community review process helps to ensure that
this is a transparent and collaborative process. We look forward to
hearing from you on the discussion pages of the four proposals!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. The FDC
support staff can be reached at FDCsupport at wikimedia.org

Warm regards,

Katy Love and the FDC support team

[1] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/FDC_portal/Proposals

Katy Love
Senior Program Officer, Funds Dissemination Committee
Wikimedia Foundation

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