[Wikimedia-l] WMIL general assembly and board elections

Itzik Edri itzik at infra.co.il
Mon Mar 4 15:28:54 UTC 2013


Yesterday Wikimedia Israel held its annual general assembly. After hearing
a description of the financial report and the audit report the assembly
approved the financial statement of the chapter to be submitted to the
public authorities.

The General Assembly elected the following members to its board:
1. Itzik Edri (Chairman, Spokesman) (reelected to board, new chairman)
2. Shani Evenstine (reelected)
3. Lior Golgher
4. Yael Meron (Secretary)
5. Yan Nasonov

The general assembly also selected two new audit committee members:
1. Oved Cohen (reelected)
2. Ido Ivri

Yan is an active Wikipedia editor since 2004. He was involve in Wikimania
2011 and WLM-IL (and even developed the voting system who been uses by most
of the chapters in less than a week!). He also active in OpenStreetMap
project and works as a system administrator & a developer in an internet
company. He loves to listen to political interviews in his free time.

Lior, Medical Physicist at the Oncology Institute of Rambam Medical Center,
editor on Wikipedia since 2006. A 2007 dispute in a Wikipedia talk page
eventually turned him into a research assistant on the oral heritage of the
Beta Israel community. And a raven once puked on him midflight on the Alps.

Yael joined to Wikipedia only two years ago, but since then she is active
in many of ours projects –GLAM, tutorials and WLM. She holds a Bachelor's
degree in physics from the Israeli Technion and from some reason she really
hates cilantro. (I really like to cook with cilantro seeds!)

In a board meeting held after the general assembly, the board had reelect
Sara as treasurer, and select Yael as secretary.

The board also approved the hiring of the new Executive Director (after 4
months process and more than 500 applications). A separate announcement
will be sent in the coming days, when the process will be formally end.

Good luck!

Itzik Edri
Wikimedia Israel

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