[Wikimedia-l] Erik Zachte on bot-generated articles

Osmar Valdebenito osmar at wikimedia.org.ar
Thu Jun 27 16:46:35 UTC 2013

I've always been surprised how all the time this discussion re-appears,
most of the arguments are based about in-Wikipedia discussion and not about
the impact of our goal: spread free knowledge. "What about the number of
articles? And the ranking? And the 'Random articles'?" and so on... when
most of our users don't care about that. They care about Wikipedia having
an answer when they are looking for some info, probably via Google or
through a blue link. Do you really think they will notice or care if it was
made by human or a bot?

I don't think bots are the solution and they will always have some
particular issues, but please, focus the discussion if the content created
by bots are useful or not, just like any other kind of article, and not
about topics that only are important for those who love (like me)
statistics and are reeeeeeeally involved on Wikipedia.

*Osmar Valdebenito G.*
Director Ejecutivo
A. C. Wikimedia Argentina

2013/6/27 Jon Davies <jon.davies at wikimedia.org.uk>

> I learnt yesterday that the Welsh Wicipedia does not have 'stubs'. It has
> 'Little Acorns' - so much nicer and more descriptive.
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