[Wikimedia-l] Erik Zachte on bot-generated articles

Per A.J. Andersson paja at telia.com
Sun Jun 23 13:31:52 UTC 2013

Sorry. Just a clarification. I hope you mean bot-generated 
articles are to be excluded in the tally only as long as they 
remain non-humanly edited. I see no point in indefinitely 
excluding some articles from a global tally, as all articles 
regardless of creation are bound to change content and style 
over time.

Best of wishes,

2013-06-23, 13:06, skrev Per A.J. Andersson:

>2013-06-23, 12:33, skrev Ilario Valdelli:
>>I am not in the opposition of the use of the bots, if these bots will have
>>their place and the articles generated by bots are considered like
>>*populated templates* and not like articles.
>>I think that a solution like this (the pages generated by bots are not
>>included in the sum of articles), may be a really good compromise.
>Interesting idea. I'd be willing to accept an article counting 
>first when non-bots have been involved. However, it's up to the 
>local community (and those able to change the arcticle counting mechanism).
>Best of wishes,
>Wikipedia user Paracel63
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