[Wikimedia-l] Erik Zachte on bot-generated articles

Per A.J. Andersson paja at telia.com
Sun Jun 23 10:17:24 UTC 2013

2013-06-23, 10:34, skrev Jane Darnell:

>I totally agree
>(disclaimer: I don't have a bot, but I have been actively "flooding"
>the engish wikipedia with artist stubs for years, and have used
>municipality stubs created by bots to anchor their hometowns, working
>places, and death towns)

I'm hoping so too. Apart from Lsjbot, Nasko.bot has actively 
been producing quite substantial svwp articles on lakes for some 
time. They are very useful in my local/regional article work – 
re for example <http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandsjö,_Halland>

And I believe others at svwp can equally benefit from these 
"stubs" in their local/regional editing.

My two cents,
Wikipedia user Paracel63

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