[Wikimedia-l] Swedish Wikipe dia reach (…)

Per A.J. Andersson paja at telia.com
Tue Jun 18 14:51:17 UTC 2013

2013-06-18, 00:57, skrev Ziko van Dijk:

>I am also unhappy with the mail from Hubertl, and also some remarks that
>good be understood as a criticism of the German Wikipedia editing
>community. Actually, both opinions coexist also in de.WP, although the anti
>bot faction is obviously stronger.
>My concern is that bot articles usually stay the same and don't grow much.
>They give a bad impression about a Wikipedia language version, and there is
>no one to update them. Maybe it would be better to support WikiData and
>later find a solution with WikiData to provide data to small or large
>Wikipedia language versions.
>Kind regards

Many thanks for your clarifying reply. I just thought it a bit 
strange that these kinds of arguments (including bad language in 
a mail communication) were/are coming from a certain direction. 
No offense intended from my part.

Your idea of the extended use of Wikidata is also discussed in 
the svwp community, and there are some obvious possibilites. 
Right now we are getting accostumed to the new way of interwiki 
linking, where often (through the proportionate weight of enwp) 
the specific English definition of words and concepts are taken 
for granted.

Best of wikiwishes,

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