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Charles Andrès charles.andres.wmch at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 14:15:11 UTC 2013

Wikipedia for prisoners – an unexpected partnership between a swiss prison and Wikimedia CH

Following an initiative from Emmanuel Engelhart, with the support of Wikimedia CH CAO, Chantal Ebongué, since March 2013, prisoners who request can have an access to Wikipedia offline (Kiwix project). The idea is to stimulate or to support the interest for education of prisoners who were, for a large majority, condemned to long-time sentences.
After three months of pilot phasis, the project is successful : Among the 36 prisoners of the Bellevue’s prison in Gorgier, 18 possess or rent a computer. All of them requested the upload of Wikipedia offline on their PC. For security reasons, swiss prisoners have a very restricted access to internet.
More informations in the press releases (ENG, DE, FR, IT) that was sent today to the swiss media

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