[Wikimedia-l] Swedish Wikipedia reach 1 million (with support of bots)

Dimce Grozdanoski dimce.grozdanoski at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 13:43:26 UTC 2013

On 17.06.2013 12:36, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> On 16/06/13 15:24, Johan J├Ânsson wrote:
>> 2013/6/16 Ilario Valdelli <valdelli at gmail.com>
>>> I think that Anders is saying that the result of Wikimedia Swedish 
>>> is due
>>> to a work of bots and to a work of people.
>>> It means that this result is contrary to the WMF strategy which 
>>> would have
>>> more people and more contributors.
>>> The next millions of articles will be reached by Polish Wikipedia 
>>> but also
>>> by cebuan Wikipedia and by Warai-Warai Wikipedia.
>>> May be it's the time to have only bots to write in Wikipedia? I hope 
>>> that
>>> in future the number of articles will be counted considering at least a
>>> small content ad not only a template in a page, because the use like 
>>> this
>>> will discourage the communities of editors.
>> I would say our experience is that it doesn't affect the number of human
>> editors at all in any way. A couple of people run bots that create very
>> short articles about taxons or other stuff that, to be honest, probably
>> wouldn't have been created otherwise. These articles have very few 
>> readers.
>> Why on Earth would this discourage us?
>> Our main problem is that browsing Swedish Wikipedia using the "random
>> article" button isn't as fun as it used to be. That's probably fixable.
> I am again using the opportunity to remind that all of this will soon 
> be completely unnecessary since it should be possible to generate the 
> articles on the fly from Wikidata data.
you mean to generate on the fly only articles of this kind, not any article.
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