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Chantal Ebongué chantal.ebongue at wikimedia.ch
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Dear all,


After my decision to resign, the board of WMCH decided to create an hiring
committee (Ilario Valdelli, Frederic Schutz and me) for hiring two staff,
CAO and CSO. 


·         The CAO will take care of the RH, administrative and financial
management of the chapter.

·         The so-called Chief Scientific Officer will take care of the
relationships with the GLAMs (or scientific partners). In Switzerland, our
reality is that most of our projects are connected with GLAMs, education and
academic institutions. Scientific involves hard and soft sciences in this
case. It means somebody that can manage projects and be accepted in the
academic and educational field and who knows well the wikimedian tools and


We want to have a complementary team that can manage together our chapter,
and let the board
 be a board and not waste his tame in operational tasks.


The relationships with the community and WMF as well as the reporting to WMF
will be done by both, but the CSO will coordinate it.


Hope it answers to your questions, and please ask me if there are others !


Chantal Ebongué 

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I don't know exactly the selection of this definition, but I suppose that it
has been due to the "choice" to don't be project manager because any project
has its own project manager.

He is project manager in some cases but for other projects is mainly a

About the projects I would say that WM CH is focusing the efforts mainly in
"scientific" projects. "Scientific" means not only "science" but is
connected with the approach had in the projects (also a project in the
literature may be "scientific").

I think that his effort is mainly focused to give to the projects a
"scientific" approach in order to give to the projects more quality.


On 12.06.2013 22:47, Mike Peel wrote:

Isn't that more program/project management rather than science?


On 12 Jun 2013, at 10:53, Ilario Valdelli wrote:


Reporting directly to the board and working in close collaboration with the
Chief Administrative Officer, the CSO will be responsible for all the free
knowledge related projects conducted inside the association.
He/she will work with the community, the Wikimedia movement and other
partners in order to achieve our goals. He/she will actively search and
promote collaborations with external partners (cultural institutions in
particular). He/she will search for external funding, and will be in
particular responsible for the annual grant request to the Wikimedia
He/she will manage the annual call for projects, making recommendations to
the board with regards to the annual plan. He/she will directly manage
staff and contractors working on projects, will lead some of the projects,
will be responsible for the delivery of reports and will manage the
communication. He/she will also participate in the strategic management of
the association


Ilario Valdelli
Wikimedia CH
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