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Magnus Manske magnusmanske at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 13 08:01:13 UTC 2013

I would like to raise the option of a more "Wikipedia-like" protest. How
about, on the English Wikipedia, picking one day to make the Main Page
topic-specific, similar to the traditional April 1 selection?

Candidates, off the top of my hat:
[[NSA]] / [[Black Chamber]]
[[PRISM (surveillance program)]]
[[Surveillance state]] / [[Mass surveillance]]
[[Surveillance abuse]]

The articles are (of course!:-) NPOV, but the topic selection could be POV
to raise awareness of the issue.

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 8:16 AM, Federico Leva (Nemo) <nemowiki at gmail.com>wrote:

> Fred Bauder, 12/06/2013 22:47:
>  "We hack network backbones – like huge internet routers, basically – that
>> give us access to the communications of hundreds of thousands of
>> computers without having to hack every single one,"
>> http://www.guardian.co.uk/**world/2013/jun/12/edward-**
>> snowden-us-extradition-fight<http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/12/edward-snowden-us-extradition-fight>
> Time for some additional encryption at least between different parts of
> the infrastructure perhaps?
> Nemo
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