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Mon Jun 10 08:52:10 UTC 2013

Dear all,


Wikimedia CH had its Annual General Meeting, April the 27 this year.

A new board has been elected, and will officially start its mandate June 27:

President: Charles Andrès (reelected)
Secretary: Frédéric Schutz (reelected nut new secretary, FR press contact)
Treasurer: Bagawathram Maheswaran (reelected)
Patrick Kenel (reelected, DE press contact)
Gabriel Thullen (reelected)
Matina Hämmerli (newly elected)
Mauro Cassina (newly elected)

Matina originally studied theology, became an enterpreneur (software company) and founder of care projects in India. Observed the miraculous and prospective development of community technology and culture, the internet, from the early 90's. Recognized Wikipedia as a milestone because it proofed and made visible to everybody: community and technology matches. She joined the board with the to support the organization with strong and efficient structures.

Mauro, born in the 1954 in Lugano, is active in Wikimedia communities since 2005 and active mainly in Commons as he is photographer like hobby.
In the real life he is the account manager for the provider of the energy and water of the town of Lugano.
For his job he is also an organizer of events and he has been one of the main organizer of the Wikipedia Day in Lugano.

Documents available:
2012 Annual report
2012 Financial report
2012 Auditors report DE EN

==Call for Project==

Wikimedia CH launched its second cal for project last June 1st.

The CfP is intend Into prepare the 2014 Wikimedia CH budget and the associated annual plan. Please note that this program plan may not be the definitive Wikimedia CH 2014 program plan, but the one included in the next FDC proposal.
This year we introduce two definitions for the projects:
	• Volunteer driven
	• Staff driven
The Volunteer driven projects are projects proposed by one, or a group of WMCH members, that require only financial support and basic staff support (standard Community manager support). The Volunteer driven projects should be recognized as useful for the association or the Wikimedia movement, and so it should be a community decision to decide whether or not they should be supported.

The Staff driven projects are projects proposed by volunteers that require essentially staff work, or proposed by staff themselves. These projects should also be recognized as useful for the association or the Wikimedia movement, and so the community opinion is needed to decide whether or not they should be support. Eventually, the staff driven projects need to be chosen by the Board among the projects supported by the members in order to assure a good distribution of the workload between the staff.

Wikimedia CH adopt the following guidelines to rules our projects: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CH/Project_Guidelines

The call for project will follow a 4 month process:
June 1st, launch of the call
July 1st, start of the community comment period
July 31th, end of application
August 31th, publication by the board of the 2014 annual plan on Meta
September, Whole movement comments period on meta
October 1st, Application to the FDC

The first phase of the CfP will happen on wikimedia CH members wiki (restricted access), followed by a public comment period on META.



Charles ANDRES, Chairman
"Wikimedia CH" – Association for the advancement of free knowledge –
Office +41 (0)21 340 66 20
Skype: charles.andres.wmch

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