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Peter Southwood peter.southwood at telkomsa.net
Mon Jun 3 17:26:15 UTC 2013

In case anyone was so misguided at to think that I object to WTO protecting 
their logo per se. That is NOT my point, and never was. My point is that the 
WTO logo and WV logo are not easily confused. I asked a simple question 
about what the specifics of the complaint were, which has still not been 
answered. Instead the query has been brushed under the carpet and a 
pointless quibbling has ensued.
I give up in frustration. Asking a simple question on this list appears to 
be a complete wate of effort.
Peter Southwood

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> Indeed, and what if the Wikimedia movement looks after its own logos, 
> would
> that be bullying too? :-)
> I remember a site with a name like "Wikithistown" (with "Thistown" being
> the name of a specific city) with the self-description: "Wikithistown is
> the Wikipedia of Thistown", using also the Wikipedia logo. A Wikimedia
> representative asked the site makers friendly to reconsider the wording 
> and
> the use of the logo, and they did.
> But some Wikipedia volunteers were very pissed off, because "those people
> in Thistown are nice and do good things". This has never been disputed, 
> but
> to avoid confusion in the age of Wikileaks it is really important to make
> clear who is what and who.
> Kind regards
> Ziko
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> 2013/6/3 Katie Chan <ktc at ktchan.info>
>> On 03/06/2013 10:49, Ziko van Dijk wrote:
>>> The case already cost money to the WMF, because of the time invested by
>>> our
>>> legal counsel. As with the Loriot stamps and the office action then, 
>>> it's
>>> not worth to loose (even more) money for it. That might look different 
>>> in
>>> a
>>> different legal system and with better odds.
>>> I am not quite happy with making this a moral question about 'standing 
>>> up
>>> to bullies', Peter. If you want to fight bullying, there is a lot to do
>>> within the Wikipedia editing community...
>>> Kind regards
>>> Ziko
>> This has already been raised in this thread, but I want to emphaise can 
>> we
>> please not equate everyone who enforces their trademarks as bullies. If a
>> trademark holder do not enforces their trademark, they lose the 
>> trademark.
>> Enforcing ones trademark is what a trademark holder is suppose to do. Now
>> we can argue that the WTO is being overly broad in their interpretation 
>> of
>> the similarity between the two logos, then the question becomes whether 
>> the
>> Wikivoyage logo is worth spending the money fighting over.
>> KTC
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