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Peter Southwood peter.southwood at telkomsa.net
Sun Jun 2 12:41:03 UTC 2013

Perhaps I missed something, because to me their logo does not look much like 
the WV logo. I would think that to anyone familiar with either of the logos, 
the other would be immediately recognised as different. Anyone who has the 
pattern recognition abilities to read should see that they differ without 
having to take a second glance.
So what is their objection? (my actual question in the first instance)

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> On 2 June 2013 06:43, Peter Southwood <peter.southwood at telkomsa.net> 
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>> So we stand up to small bullies, by not to big ones.
>> Nice to know where the line is drawn when it comes to principles.
> The principle being applied here is, I think, "do the right thing".
> The WTO is going out of their way to be decent about a logo that, to
> many a casual eye (including mine, and that of those who already
> flagged this as a problem in the original logo discussion) does look
> really quite a lot like theirs. Saying "whoops, sorry" and trying
> again is the right thing to do.
> Defending what is in fact your trademark does not make you a bully;
> Wikimedia defends its trademarks without being a "big bully" (though
> it has been accused of such by some, e.g. the EFF).
> - d.
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