[Wikimedia-l] COI versus OUTING

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 15:41:27 UTC 2013

Wikipedia's policies are meant to protect and further the goals of the
project, and to offer what little safeguard they can against undue harm to
good faith participants. People who try to undermine the project, or act in
a way antithetical to its goals, or themselves attempt to cause harm to
good faith participants should find no protection from its rules. That's
how I'd look at it from an "inside Wikipedia" perspective.

But the question is really one of personal ethics, and I think viewed that
way the answer is clear. You have no obligation to these people to continue
helping them maintain the secrecy and anonymity of their actions, which you
(and most) find ethically suspect. They are trying to mislead the public
for profit, using subversive methods, and they deserve at a minimum to have
that made public.

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