[Wikimedia-l] Lsjbot has now started to generate 1-1, 5 M articles of species on sv:wp

Anders Wennersten mail at anderswennersten.se
Tue Jan 15 11:19:24 UTC 2013

Federico Leva (Nemo) skrev 2013-01-15 11:02:
> Anders Wennersten, 12/01/2013 12:20:
>>  During our discussion we evolved the concept quite a bit (special 
>> templates,
>> categories, messages on talk page etc).
> Could you elaborate on this "evolution of the concept"? I'm not able 
> to see what's new, from the "titles" in parentheses.
> Nemo
This bot puts a template in all generated articles clearly stating it is 
botgenerated and text stating "/This article has been created by Lsjbot 
and can have language errors and/or a mildly confusing setup  of 
illustrations. This template can be deleted after checks of content has 
been done/" For the botgenerated articles for birds more then half have 
afterward been manually reviewed. This was our major concern, that 
botgenerated articles must not by a reader be given the impression they 
are manually created.


The bot does a major effort translating English text, like the 
geographical name of the area of inhabitance for the specie.  In the 
balance of making these translation table too big, and to skip 
translation when complicated, the bot now puts the complicated text on 
the talkpage. In the example above it is for Gulf of California. In this 
way the reader or the one doing the manual afterfix find the info and 
can make use of it.

The set of categories that all bot generated articles will have, even if 
and after it is manually checked/corrected, is partly for general 
keeping track but also to be able to initiate automatic 
check/corrections of a special set of botgenerated articles, if a 
problem/error is found some time after the generating time.

Also there are processes set up for the inspectors of the articles in 
order to easy report any questions, and get feedback it is been taken 
care of. If a backlog occurs of reported problems, the bot generation 
stops, until all is fixed (very few thing being reported by this stage). 
On sv:wp there are around 6-8 frequest contributers in the zoological 
area with 10-15 more infrequent contributers. These are very competent 
and are all supporting this effort with inspecting etc. Without the 
support of these the project would never have got off the ground


re the question re Xeon-cant, thanks I will forward this to Lsj. A link 
to Wikipecies for corresponding articles already included (of course)

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