[Wikimedia-l] 15% off merchandise today at the Wikimedia Shop

WereSpielChequers werespielchequers at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 19:02:38 UTC 2013

 Hi James,

Firstly kudos for trying to get an alternate revenue stream going as
opposed to donations. I'd be surprised if you could get merchandising to
the point where it funds core operations, but it is certainly worth trying.

If you are facing high international transport costs then I'd suggest
working out which countries the USPS does work well for and only using
fedex where post doesn't work, and also trialling the sort of small high
value items like cufflinks and memory sticks where transport costs are less

But if you really want me to get excited about the shop, try stocking flip
flops with modified soles. I'm sure I'm not the only person who'd like to
walk along the beach leaving a trail of [citation needed] tracks.


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