[Wikimedia-l] Consequences, risks and side-effects of “non-commercial” licenses

Everton Zanella Alvarenga ezalvarenga at wikimedia.org
Tue Jan 8 13:37:42 UTC 2013

"After reading this document which was published under a cc-by license
we decided that it was worth it to create an English version as well.
We put out a request to the German OKFN volunteers and got a couple of
responses. Within a few days the complete document was translated.
Then, the original authors were consulted and they agreed to proofread
the document. This was also a great opportunity to implement some of
the comments they received from the German Wikimedia community after
publishing. With the help of Wikimedia Deutschland, we were able to
fit the document in the same design as the original.

And now in early 2013, we are very happy to announce the final version
of the document translated to English.

Download “Consequences, Risks, and side-effects of the license module
Non-Commercial – NC” here.


It is funny that in this morning I was just explaining to a chemistry
friend about the risks of the NC restriction and I gave just some of
the examples used in this guide. Wikipedia is the best way to explain
to people about that.

Congratulations to Wikimedia Deutschland and Open Knowledge Foundation
Germany for this work.


Everton Zanella Alvarenga (also Tom)
"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more
useful than a life spent doing nothing."

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