[Wikimedia-l] Editor retention (was Re: "Big data" benefits and limitations (relevance: WMF editor engagement, fundraising, and HR practices))

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 15:48:38 UTC 2013

On 4 January 2013 15:41, Nikola Smolenski <smolensk at eunet.rs> wrote:

> Editing an article was easy. All I needed to know was simple and intuitive
> syntax for headings, bold, italic and links. It was easy to see article text
> through this syntax.

I spent idle time in the holiday week working on [[:en:OpenOffice]].
Wikitext is just awful these days, particularly in an article like
that where every assertion needs and has a cite. Anyone who thinks
wikitext is just fine for the job, I urge you to click "edit" and
contemplate fixing the guacamole you see before you. Sure hope the
visual editor makes managing references on an article like that

- d.

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