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The have unblocked

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2013/1/4 Benjamin Chen <bencmqwiki at gmail.com>

> Hi guys,
> This is an update that since this morning (local time), Chinese Wikipedia
> is no longer accessible in mainland China from all major ISPs in all
> regions (that I've received reports from).
> zh.wikipedia.org is now a censored URL keywords on HTTP. Meaning any
> foreign domain that contains these strings will be blocked, such
> asgoogle.com/?q=zh.wikipedia.org, or even microsoft.com/zh.wikipedia.org.
> Also, any users who attempts to connect to Chinese Wikipedia will get
> their connection to *.wikipedia.org reset for several minutes.
> HTTPS connection is still working. All other language versions, such as
> English Wikipedia are also accessible for now (but there is still keyword
> censoring).
> As a bit of history, Chinese Wikipedia was blocked from 2005 to 2008.
> Shortly before the 2008 Beijing Olympics in July 2008, the block was
> lifted. Jimbo paid Cai Mingzhao, Vice Director of China's State Council
> Information Office a visit in September that year [1] and Cai visited the
> WMF office some time in 2009 (not sure of the date). Despite some
> keyword-specific blocks on sensitive articles, Chinese Wikipedia had been
> generally accessible until yesterday.
> As for the other projects, Chinese Wikisource has been blocked since late
> 2010, and Chinese Wikinews since early 2012.
> Hope that the block this time may as well be temporary.
> [1]
> http://rconversation.blogs.com/rconversation/2008/10/jimmy-wales-mee.html
> Regards,
> Benjamin Chen / [[User:Bencmq]]
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