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For those here interested that are not part of the education list.

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I've been working on revamping the Resources page in the education
portal of the outreach wiki, with the goal of making it a better place
for all of us to share help resources across the different programs:

As more and more education programs start around the world, it's even
more important to share resources across our countries and languages
so that new programs are not reinventing the wheel and are instead
building off of what others have already created. With that in mind,
I'm encouraging anyone who has created good reference materials for
instructors or students participating in an education program to add
those resources to the page. All types of references are welcome —
brochures, handouts, videos, online trainings, slide decks, etc.

I welcome any additions to the page, as well as any feedback or ideas
on how to make the page even more useful for all of us!


LiAnna Davis
Wikipedia Education Program Communications Manager
Wikimedia Foundation
(415) 839-6885 x6649
ldavis at wikimedia.org

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