[Wikimedia-l] Let's accept Bitcoin as a donation method

Tomasz W. Kozlowski tomasz at twkozlowski.net
Fri Dec 13 20:08:26 UTC 2013

Steven Walling wrote:

> Uh... except that because Bitcoin is not a regulated currency, it's value
> has the potential to fluctuate wildly, and seems to have done so since it
> attracts speculators of all crazy sorts. Seems pretty fuckin risky to me.

I see no reason why the fluctuation of Bitcoin would be of any 
significance for the decision of accepting it as a donation method or 
not, especially if you use same-day exchange systems. In the end, you 
cannot loose more money than you gain if you accept Bitcoin; even if its 
value drops significantly, it will still be more money than if you 
didn't accept it.

 From where I stand, there is very little difference between Bitcoin and 
regulated currencies, except perhaps the fluctuation rate (as in 
quickness); take the Argentine peso, the Brazilian real, or the 
Zimbabwean dollar as examples that even government-backed currencies can 
fluctuate (or, more precisely, lose in value) in relatively short periods.


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