[Wikimedia-l] Resolution: Media about living people

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Wed Dec 11 22:05:29 UTC 2013

I hope this is a coincidence. I have great difficulty believing that
the WMF board of trustees passed a resolution imagining that it would
appear to be a good thing that the *very first* action it is used for
is to justify the deletion of an artwork of one of its own members.

Whatever else is going on here, this is unfortunately timed in a way
that appears excessively pointy.


On 11 December 2013 21:53, Tomasz W. Kozlowski <tomasz at twkozlowski.net> wrote:
> Lodewijk wrote:
>> thanks for sharing. To appreciate the resolution in its proper context, I
>> was wondering if you could share if there was a specific trigger to this
>> amendment?
> How about
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?diff=111671264&oldid=102286853 (as
> rumour has it)?
>           Tomasz
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