[Wikimedia-l] How lovely live communication works worldwide

Jean-Frédéric jeanfrederic.wiki at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 10:13:49 UTC 2013


2013/12/4 Manuel Schneider <manuel.schneider at wikimedia.ch>

> Am 03.12.2013 23:33, schrieb Tilman Bayer:
>> > Note that this solution is still based on proprietary software, in that
>> it
>> > requires users to install a Flash plugin.
> well, BigBlueButton is completely open source, including the flash
> applets used.

Except that it appears the required Flash version is not available under
Linux, except if using the proprietary Chrome.

Back then in April I extensively tested BBB - the found issues were
reported to the developers.

These issues will not be fixed, given the current work done with HTML5 +


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