[Wikimedia-l] Fundraiser Launch Today

Megan Hernandez mhernandez at wikimedia.org
Mon Dec 2 23:22:06 UTC 2013

Hi all,

The fundraising team is kicking off our year-end campaign in the US, UK,
Canada, Australia, and New Zealand at midnight UTC on December 3, 2013.  SF
staff - banners are going up in a few minutes.

Check out our latest banner.


Quick reminder: We have been running banners at a low-level since the start
of the fiscal year in July. In that time, we have continuously tested new
banners to find improvements that will allow us to reduce the number of
banners people see each year. This is our first year experimenting with
year-round fundraising. We've already raised over $13 million USD -- which
is roughly equal to about how much we raised after our first full week of
the 2012 fundraising campaign. During this year-end campaign, banners will
be displayed to 100% of readers.

*A few key facts:*

   - Amount raised in testing prior to the year-end campaign: Roughly $13.5
   million USD
   - Campaign goal: $20 million USD
   - Banners will run to 100% of English readers in the US, UK, Canada,
   Australia, and New Zealand
   - Previous donors will receive a reminder to donate email during the
   month of December
   - Mobile banners will be displayed in the US
   - We will run campaigns in other countries and languages in 2014

If you spot any errors, please let us know on the meta talk
Feel free to ask questions there as well.

More background info on meta:

Thanks for your help!



Megan Hernandez

Director of Online Fundraising
Wikimedia Foundation

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