[Wikimedia-l] Why not everyone have the right to vote in the Board & FDC elections?

Itzik Edri itzik at infra.co.il
Sat Apr 27 18:04:49 UTC 2013

As you know, the Wikimedia Foundation elections is approaching. As always,
the voters will be the community, developers, current board member and..
WMF staff and contractors. Nothing changed. same as two years ago.

But I wonder - we had this policy when the chapters and others recognized
Wikimedia organization doesn't been really part of the equation.

Yes, many of the chapters board and staff are community members and have
the right the vote - but this is also the case with many of the WMF
employees, but still we giving some of them the right to vote even if they
hardly ever edit on the projects. But we not giving the same right to our's
board and chapters staff, who are also part of the movement.

I'm raising this issue, and asking if should chapter (and
thematic organization) staff and board members should be granted the right
to vote in the movement elections, in the same way as Foundation staff and
board members have right now? To me it's making sense.


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