[Wikimedia-l] Upcoming: WMF metrics/activities meeting - November 1

James Salsman jsalsman at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 04:40:19 UTC 2012

> * Review of key metrics including the monthly report card, but also
> specialized reports and analytics

Erik, are any new metrics being added to support the Halfaker
recommendations to "build tools that aid in identifying and supporting
desirable newcomers" from

In particular, are you willing to measure the number of users who have
added a "<ref" tag in article space but have empty talk pages? That
seems like the easiest query to start out with for now and refine
later -- maybe two such tag adds would be better, and there is
probably a much better way to measure talk page activity, i.e. exclude
warning templates, or even all template messages. It's fairly easy for
me to find such users non-exhaustively, but without SQL access it's
difficult to find them all or measure their numbers and trend over

Or better yet, could you please add that query to the Teahouse
invitation worklist report? Their current criteria of 10 edits is a
lot less meaningful. An editor who has figured out the ref tag but
only made five edits is worth far more than one who's made 10
formatting changes.

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