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A notice of the 6th annual Russian Wikiconference, forwarded with
permission; please contact Stasie, below, if you have any questions!


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If someone interested: on 10-11 November in Moscow, in Scientific
Pedagogical Library named Ushinski, supported by "Wikimedia Russia"
will be held the 6th annual Russian Wiki-conference.

Registration (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Википедия:Вики-конференция_2012/Участники)
for the conference is open before November 4, registration of talks
and round tables
- up to 28 October. A preliminary version of the program will be
available on October 30. Participation in the conference is free.

Unfortunately, Wikimedia Russia can help with scholarships to attend
only to Russia citizens.

In Russian: http://www.wikimedia.ru/blog/2012/10/10/sixth-wiki-conference-moscow-10-11-november/

Lvova Anastasia

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