[Wikimedia-l] Transparency about Wikimania costs

Itzik Edri itzik at infra.co.il
Thu Oct 11 22:40:31 UTC 2012


Just want to inform that WMIL published Wikimania 2011 budget breakdown:

I'm encouraging others chapters to update 2012 table with their delegation
costs, supports and the general cost of Wikimania 2012. I know the WMF is
now finalizing their data and will publish it soon:

On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 9:33 PM, Itzik Edri <itzik at infra.co.il> wrote:

> Hi,
> Jessie started to work on a page that shown breakdown of the scholarships
> given in 2012, by the WMF and the chapters - and the cost.
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania/Scholarships/2012
> I think it's great, but we need to share much more information about "how
> much Wikimania cost to the movement".
> Wikimania is our biggest and most expensive event\project - and the costs
> spread around movement. Beside scholarships, the chapters and the WMF
> spending money on their staff and boards - and this also need to
> be transparent. When we know Wikimedia Israel gave 4 scholarships for
> people from Israel, the WMF gave another two - this is not the full
> picture. WMIL also sent paid for the travel of one board member. In some
> others chapters the numbers are much bigger (staff+board).
> Also, we have WMF and Chapters support to the conference itself.
> I published here Wikimania 2011 costs & income:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania/2011/Budget
> I'm not asking everyone now to start digging for their costs in 2011, but
> I think we can start do it from this year.
> I posted here WMIL travel costs:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania/2012/Budget/Chapters
> I'll be happy if the chapters and the WMF can post their costs also
> and I'm encouraging Wikimania 2012 local team also to post
> their conference costs and incomes.
> I think this transparency is important, and this knowledge about the total
> costs to the movement is also important to others who planning Wikimania in
> the future.
> Itzik

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