[Wikimedia-l] Are you planning a hackathon in 2013? Please let us know.

Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Sun Nov 11 05:42:58 UTC 2012

jHi all,

a reminder to chapters and volunteers around the world -- if you're
planning a hackathon, please let us know beforehand by adding it to
this page:


Consistent with Sue's recommendations to the Board, Wikimedia
Foundation will spend less time organizing events on its own, and will
more frequently send smaller groups to events organized around the
world by the movement at large. But to do so we need to know what's
coming up. :)

Hackathons/DevCamps are a great way to help the movement. They can
engage the existing volunteer developer commmunity, help expand it,
bring together engineers with other Wikimedia practitioners, and
create a focused space. We hope more folks around the world will take
a role in hosting such developer events. If you would like WMF's
thoughts and input, please feel free to ping Sumana (sumanah at

All the best,

Erik Möller
VP of Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Foundation

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