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Sue Gardner sgardner at wikimedia.org
Thu Nov 8 06:03:18 UTC 2012

Hey folks,

I think all the conversation about this is really helpful, and it's
been particularly useful thus far to hear from community members about
what's confusing about the current and proposed structures. ("Not
being confusing" isn't the primary motivation for a restructure, but
it's obviously worth consideration.)

I do want to underline though, from Erik's original note, this: "To
avoid fear and anxiety, and to make sure the plan makes sense, I
want to start an open conversation now. If you think any of the below
is a terrible idea, or have suggestions on how to improve the plan,
I’d love to hear from you," and "I look forward to hearing your
thoughts & discussing this further in coming weeks."

I kind of have the sense that people are considering this a done deal.
I understand why people might assume that -- in an ordinary
organization, a note like Erik's doesn't go out until things are
pretty much locked down. But it's important that you realize that's
not what's happening here: your input is wanted. Particularly for
staff who'd be directly affected by these changes --- this is your
window to shape what happens. If you think there are likely to be
downstream effects of these proposed changes that are worth
considering, or additional improvements that could be folded into
this, or an aspect that warrants being revisited: this is your window.
You can talk with Erik (by e-mail because he's travelling), me, Gayle,
or whoever else seems relevant. That was the whole point of Erik's
note :-)

So to be super-clear: None of this is a done deal at this moment. Lots
of conversations are happening in various places, and it's all good.
That's why Erik made the pre-announcement --- to create a window for
discussion & iteration and further thinking :-)


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