[Wikimedia-l] [Tech/Product] Engineering/Product org structure

Marcin Cieslak saper at saper.info
Wed Nov 7 00:01:26 UTC 2012

> To avoid fear and anxiety, and to make sure the plan makes sense, I
> want to start an open conversation now. If you think any of the below
> is a terrible idea, or have suggestions on how to improve the plan,
> I’d love to hear from you. I’ll make myself personally available to
> anyone who wants to talk more about it. (I'm traveling a bit starting
> tomorrow, but will be available via email during that time.) We can
> also discuss it at coming tech lunches and such.


just a quick note without going too much into substance - I think
it's a great way to handle the issue like this! Thank you for
posting this!


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