[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Foundation Report, September 2012

ENWP Pine deyntestiss at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 1 08:46:17 UTC 2012

I appreciate the comprehensiveness of this report.

I have a few questions about the finance section. Some are more basic than 

Does WMF use the calendar year for its fiscal year?

Is the financial plan for WMF to run a YTD deficit until the annual 

Why were recruiting expenses higher for the July-August timeframe? I thought 
that WMF eliminated a recruiting contractor recently, so I would have 
expected recruiting expenses to be lower rather than higher.

Was August an unusually expensive month? If the total YTD expenses were 
$5.2MM and August alone cost $2.6MM, I would be interested in knowing why 
August was such an expensive month.

If in the July-August time period WMF "Completed our report to the Stanton 
Foundation and received our second grant installment of $1.8 million", why 
is there only $1.75 million of revenue shown in the table which includes 
$1.0MM from the Sloan Foundation? These numbers don't seem to add up 
correctly. I would have expected the revenue total to be at least $2.8MM 
when including both of the grants.


Your finance and metrics enthusiast,


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