[Foundation-l] A discussion list for Wikimedia (not "Foundation") matters

Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Thu Mar 1 09:14:10 UTC 2012

Hi all,

We currently have this public list for Wikimedia Foundation matters,
as well as a private list called "internal-l" which in practice is in
large part used for WMF/chapters discussions, because chapter board
members are added to it by default. The latter is often used for
discussions that impact community members, but neither the discussions
nor the results are always a matter of public record.

Unfortunately, the name foundation-l is also one which signals
exclusion; it pre-dates the very complex and large network of
organizations and individuals that we are today.

Others have made this suggestion before me, and I like it, so I've
tried to put it into a proposal: Let's have a public list that's
clearly named and scoped to be relevant to all Wikimedia matters.
We're too big and too complicated to fit comfortably under the
"Foundation" umbrella any longer.

That new list wouldn't be intended to replace foundation-l (which
would continue to be used for matters strictly related to the
Wikimedia Foundation) or to internal-l (which may have some legitimate
uses, although I personally find it unnecessary and unsubscribed from

The full proposal is here:

I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments here or on-wiki.

All best,

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