[Wikimedia-l] Mexican government signs ACTA

Ivan Martínez galaver at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 16:31:56 UTC 2012

Dear all,

The agency that regulates in Mexico the Industrial Property (IMPI) signed
the ACTA agreement in Japan yesterday. Here's the official press

In July 2011, a plural working group (composed of senators, experts,
enthusiasts and academics) had warned the risks of ACTA for Internet
freedom in our country, and exhorted the federal government to not sign
it. Even last week the European Parliament was rejected the same agreement.

The next step is to put pressure on Mexico to the Senate not to approve the
reform, due to the conclusions reached last year with the plural working

We're taking actions as a local chapter, and asking that the community of
Wikipedia in Spanish to put an informative banner. We hope that these
actions can be supported and disseminated by the Wikimedia movement.

[1] (In spanish, press release by IMPI)
[2] (In spanish, Conclusions of the plural working group)


Iván Martínez
Coordinador General
Wikimedia México

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