[Wikimedia-l] Chapter Report from Wikimedia España (april-june 2012)

Lucien leGrey lucienlegrey at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 17:13:30 UTC 2012

This is the chapter report of Wikimedia España for the months of April, May
and June 2012.

   - 30.03-01.04.2012: Participation at Wikimedia Conference in Berlin.

   - 12.04.2012: Talk about Wikipedia and Wikimedia at iParty "Wikipedia y
   Wikimedia, todo lo que siempre quisiste
   in Universitat Jaume I of Castellón.

   - 13.04.2012: Workshop "Wikipedia para GLAMs: Participación en Wikipedia
   desde bibliotecas, archivos y
   in SocialBiblio (on-line community)

   - xx.04.2012: Advising Fundación Telefónica about Wikimedia Commons
   images to be used in an exhibition.


   - 01.05.2012: Our sites were moved to Free Knowledge Foundation Server,
   renewal of Wiki Loves Monuments contest domain and we bought two domains
   for WM-ES (which were previously owned by another person)

   - 02.05.2012: Photographic coverage of Isabel Pantoja's recital. Madrid

   - 08.05.2012: A Twitter acount for Spanish Wikipedia is created
   (@eswikipedia). Later shared with other members of Spanish-speaking
   Chapters and Spanish Wikipedia editors

   - 23-25.05.2012: Participation in WikiWomenCamp 2012, co-organised by
   Wikimedia Australia, Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Deutschland and
   Wikimedia Portugal members, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

   - 26.05.2012: Participation in Wikigénero, organised by Wikimedia
   Argentina, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

   - 29.05.2012: Creation of another open mailing list for "Announcements"
   [1] <https://listas.wikimedia.org.es/mailman/listinfo/anuncios>


   - 1-3.06.2012: Participation in Wikimedia Iberocoop Conference 2012.
   Santiago de Chile.

   - 01.06.2012: Articles about Wiki Loves Monuments and Wikimediasphere
   published: "Wiki Loves Monuments: the experience in Spain and
   reflections regarding the diffusion of cultural
   and "Panorama of the
   in Digithum nº
   journal of Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

   - 15.06.2012: Colaboration with Real Academia Nacional de Medicina who
   liberated text to create an article about the new "Diccionario de términos

   - 16.06.2012: Meeting with Fundación ONCE and Technosite to kickstart
   collaborative project. Madrid.

   - 18.06.2012: Participation of two asociation members in *III Jornadas
   eMadrid sobre e-Learning*, Madrid

   - 25.06.2012: Agreement between Wikimedia España and Fundación ONCE. Prees
   release in Spanish in the blog of Wikimedia

   - 27.06.2012: Change from CC-BY-SA-NC to CC-BY-SA of wiki project about
   gastronomy in Spanish.

   - 30.06.2012: Article about cultural heritage digital libraries and
   Wikipedia published: "Analysis of links to digital libraries and
   archives of cultural heritage from Wikipedia pages in Spanish and
   in BiD nº 28, juny 2012 <http://www.ub.edu/bid/bid28.php>, Journal of
   Librarianship of Universitat de Barcelona.

+ Lucien
¡Participa en Wikimedia España!: http://www.wikimedia.org.es/

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