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Michael Peel michael.peel at wikimedia.org.uk
Tue Jul 10 12:55:42 UTC 2012

I'm completely confused by your statement of candidacy, Sebastian. My understanding is the Secretary-General position is a *job* -- a paid position -- not an elected post. As such, there should be a proper recruitment process to appoint someone to the position, with a call for applications, rather than individuals putting themselves forward in an ad-hoc manner. It would be rather unethical for the WCA to appoint someone without going through proper recruitment processes...

(Also copied on-wiki at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikimedia_Chapters_Association/Secretary-General/Candidacy_sebmol#The_recruitment_process )


On 9 Jul 2012, at 08:21, Sebastian Moleski wrote:

> Dear chapter folks, WCA council members, and all other interested
> Wikimedians,
> The Wikimedia Chapters Association holds a promise: within the Wikimedia
> universe, we draw our strength from our diversity, our different cultures
> and experiences, our extraordinary dedication to create a better world
> where everyone can access the sume of all knowledge. Through their many
> different kinds of engagements and activities, local chapters have already
> made a huge difference. With the founding of the chapters association, we
> want to go one step further, ensuring that collaboration is not something
> limited to our online or local projects, but easily expands across our
> entire movement on a global scale.
> Today, I'm declaring my candidacy for Secretary General of the Wikimedia
> Chapters Association. After recent conversations with a number of people at
> different chapters, I've decided to run for this position because I believe
> that it would allow the chapters to make best use of my skills and
> experiences. Last year, when I worked with four European chapters on
> starting developing strategies for their organizations, I realized
> first-hand what huge potential we have still left uncovered. Many chapters
> excel in some areas while failing in others, rarely for lack of enthusiasm,
> but mostly for lack of support, guidance, and advice. When discussion of a
> council of chapters started again last year, I felt that it was one of the
> most promising ways that could allow chapters to excel much more often than
> to fail in the future.
> The newly elected Secretary General will have a tremendous assignment
> before him. With a rather short period of time, he will need to get a new
> internaional organization off the ground and running that will effectively
> support and assist chapters around the globe. Through my previous work,
> both within the Wikimedia universe and professionally as a manager and
> consultant, I think I am well-equipped to handle this difficult task.
> If I am elected as Secretary General, I will make the following commitments:
> # All WCA activities will be made in public to the extent that is legally
> permissible. If the WCA wants to promote openness and accountability among
> the chapters, it has to live these same values as well. I'm not a fan of
> closed-subscription, private mailing lists, wikis, or chats and will
> therefore do what I can to avoid using them within the WCA.
> # Whenever the WCA engages in chapter development activities, it will
> respect the diversity we have in our movement. There are no solutions that
> work for everyone. While many chapters face similar challenges, the
> solutions often differ taking note of differences in culture, community,
> and local socio-political background.
> # For the WCA to succeed, we need to be open and inviting to anyone who
> wants to contribute. I commit to providing ample and novel opportunities to
> engage with WCA so that everyone interested in chapter development can
> participate. I also commit to regularly and comprehensively report on WCA
> activities so that they can be scrutinized and improved by anone interested.
> == Plans ==
> Following the council meeting in Washington DC at Wikimania, I think the
> following tasks need to be addressed:
> # Finalizing the budget for 2012/2013.
> # Negotiating financing of the budget with chapters and the Foundation.
> # Getting the organization legally registered in a suitable jurisdiction.
> # Setting up a chapters development programs in Europe, East Asia, and
> South America.
> # Setting up a working group to determine standards of accountability for
> chapters.
> # Setting up an actively supported platform for information sharing and
> dissemination between the chapters.
> # Actively inviting more chapters to join.
> In all these tasks, close work with the members of the council will be
> crucial for our success.
> == Background ==
> === Wikimedia ===
> * joined English Wikipedia in 2004, German Wikipedia in 2005 (admin from
> 2006 until 2011)
> * joined Wikimedia Deutschland in 2006, board member since 2007, president
> since 2009
> * member of Chapters Committee
> * conducted chapter development pilot project with Wikimedia Nederland,
> Wikimedia Sverige, Wikimedia Česká republika and Wikimédia Magyarország in
> 2011
> === Professional ===
> * Consultant for businesses and non-profit organizations (since 2007)
> * CEO at NetService24 GmbH (Munich, Germany, 2009-2012)
> * Interim Executive Director at Wikimedia Deutschland (Berlin, Germany,
> 2008-2009)
> * Project Manager at Entriq Inc. (Essen, Germany and London, United
> Kingdom, 2007-2009)
> * Tech Lead at avario business solutions GmbH (Berlin, Germany, 2006-2007)
> === Education ===
> Bachelor of Science in Economics from Texas Christian University, 2006
> I am looking forward to this extraordinary opportunity to serve the
> Wikimedia movement for the coming two years. As the role of Secretary
> General requires independence and impartiality from any one chapter, I will
> immediately resign my current position as president of Wikimedia
> Deutschland, if elected.
> I hope I have your support. I have copied this statement to Meta for
> further discussion, questions, and criticism:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Chapters_Association/Secretary-General/Candidacy_sebmol
> Best regards,
> Sebastian Moleski
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