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Date: 2012/7/4
Subject: Zedler Prize for Free Knowledge
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Hello everybody,

this past Sunday, 1 July, Wikimedia Deutschland awarded the first German
prize for free knowledge achievements. The award is called Zedler-Preis für
Freies Wissen (Zedler Prize for Free Knowledge). It's named after Johann
Heinrich Zedler and his 18th century encyclopedia[1], which was composed by
various anonymous authors. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

The Zedler Prize was awarded in three categories: Wikipedia article of the
year, community project of the year, external project of the year. There
was an accompanying award show, hosted by our CEO Pavel Richter at a venue
in Berlin. The ceremony finished off the scientifc conference Wikipedia

The award is about honoring extraordinary achievements in Wikipedia and
beyond. Including a category for external free knowledge projects
underlines Wikimedia Deutschland's vision of the awards: The Zedler Prize
is all about creating awareness for the volunteer efforts behind Wikipedia,
demonstrating two things: First, anybody can contribute to sharing free
knowledge, be it in Wikipedia or elsewhere. Secondly, amazing things may
result from making a first step.

We hope to build on this initial experience and establish the award.

Here are the winners, picked by three separate volunteer jurys (community,
journalists, researchers):

Wikipedia Article of the Year
(English article:

Community Project of the Year
(Portal devoted to listing and documenting every monument in Austria. Yes,
every monument! The group of volunteers was reached out to the Austrian
Federal Monuments Office[3] with their project. The collaboration
eventually led to an official representer of the office attending the award
show and thanking the Wikipedians for their fantastic work.)

External Project of the Year
(Vroniplag is a Wikia-based open platform for detecting plagiarism in
scientific work. The project rose to prominence in 2011 when volunteers
proved the then-German Minister of Defence to have plagiarized most of his
PHD thesis.)

The Juries were free to award special recognition among the runners-up. All
in all there were 17 final nominees[4]. The winners of the special
recognitions are:
The Wikipedia article "Pizzakarton" (Pizza box)[5] and a user initiative
that expresses gratitude to other users for their hard Wikipedia work by
leaving a thank you note and image of a flower on talk pages. The latter is
called "The Flower of the Week"[6].

We counted an audience of approx. 150 people. WMDE released a press
statement in time with live twitter news about the winners. Press coverage
includes a German public radio broadcaster (national), regional and
national newspapers. There also was substantial Austrian coverage, due to
the Austrian Wikipedia portal winning. Short list in German:

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bundesdenkmalamt
[4] http://wikimedia.de/wiki/Pressemitteilungen/PM_6_12_Zedler
[5] http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzakarton
[6] http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer:Ephraim33/Blume_der_Woche

p.s. sorry for the long version - it is so rare for me to post something
that I thought its ok for this time ;)

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