[Wikimedia-l] crazy deletionists!

Marc A. Pelletier marc at uberbox.org
Tue Jul 3 23:48:39 UTC 2012

On 03/07/2012 7:42 PM, Andreas Kolbe wrote:
> How would you deal with biographies of people like heads of state, who are
> subjects of serious academic study as well as daily news articles?

There's nothing that prevents a subject from having an article in both 
namespaces.  One can be seen as the complement of the other; mainspace 
would become more encyclopedic and there would be a neat space where the 
more recent coverage can be found for further information.

It'd only be a matter of educating editors and readers; the mainspace is 
the most reliable and seriously sourced "base" of articles, at the cost 
of being possibly a bit dated or drier.  The space "below the fold" is 
more timely, and possibly more detailed at the cost of being possibly 
less reliable.

I mean, the whole point is to be able to both have a reliable 
encyclopedia /and/ have a legitimate place for popular culture coverage 
and recent information.  Readers would have access to both, with a 
better way of knowing which is which.

Not perfect, I know, but I'm pretty sure that would be a long-term win.

-- Coren / Marc

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