[Wikimedia-l] SOPA protest may have had effect

Przykuta przykuta at o2.pl
Tue Jul 3 23:03:17 UTC 2012

> > Techdirt is a rather *hopeful* source, but ...
> http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120703/12112119569/ustrs-surprise-turnaround-now-advocating-limitations-exceptions-to-copyright.shtml
> "Given the USTR's general lack of transparency and intellectually
> insulting attitude towards anyone who questions TPP and ACTA
> transparency, I don't trust the USTR on its commitment to this... but
> I have been hearing from multiple sources that the protests against
> SOPA and ACTA have had a big impact on the administration's thinking
> on intellectual property issues... and that the MPAA/RIAA folks are
> not at all happy about the latest version of the USTR's IP chapter.
> There have also been multiple assurances that the USTR will fight
> strongly to make sure that this language on exceptions remains in the
> agreement, even if some of its "advisers" from the legacy content
> industry don't like it. That suggests that maybe, just maybe, some
> voices of reason have gotten through to the USTR."
> Well done, all. The SOPA protest would have gone nowhere without Wikipedia.
> - d.

A propos ACTA and protests:



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