[Foundation-l] Call for moderators

Philippe Beaudette philippe at wikimedia.org
Fri Jan 27 06:38:21 UTC 2012

Hi everyone -

Sue has asked me to create a mailing list to discuss advocacy and
Wikimedia's position in it for the future.  Although I don't yet have the
list created, I wanted to put out a call for moderators.  If you're
interested in moderating this mailing list (a bit more of an "active"
moderation role, nudging people on topic, etc), would you please let me
know by private email (philippe{{@}}wikimedia.org)?  Depending on how many
people express interest, I'll figure out how we proceed forward.

Philippe Beaudette
Head of Reader Relations
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

415-839-6885, x 6643

philippe at wikimedia.org

To check my email volume (and thus know approx how long it will take me to
respond), go to http://courteous.ly/hpQmqy

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