[Foundation-l] Adding a comment section under every Wikipedia article

Alec Meta alecmeta at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 19:17:01 UTC 2012

Yao Ziyuan is thinking along the right lines.   Wikipedia can be more
than it currently is.  We need experiments, we need to be experimental

FT2 makes the excellent case that we need a level of 'insulation' to
protect our existing project from the potential negative effects of
failed experiments.

FT2 asks:

>   3. *Discussion of the _topic_, or general chat, forum-y stuff, random
>   whatever*
> ...
> What is worth asking is, is there a place in Wikimedia for (3)?

My own answer is a resounding yes.    The total set of the world's
personal opinion is an exciting data set.

Facebook, Google+, and Twitter capture "discussion" data in bulk.
But Facebook and Google and Twitter don't have Wikimedia's Values.
I don't trust Facebook with my data.  I don't trust Google+ with my
data-- they unilaterally change their privacy policies.

For-Profit companies sell out their users and we all know that's a
risk.   At the same time, we know that  Wikimedia respects its users.
Wikimedia stops things like SOPA in the tracks. I trust Wikimedia.

The more data we have, the more services we provide, the more our
movement thrives and the more we prove that Wikimedia Values work.

Whenever feasible, grow grow.   Don't just be Wikipedia-- be more!   :)

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