[Foundation-l] Politico: "Wikimedia foundation hires lobbyists on sopa, pipa"

cyrano cyrano.fawkes at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 05:37:19 UTC 2012

Le 22/01/2012 20:00, Thomas Dalton a écrit :

> On 22 January 2012 22:54, Mike Godwin <mnemonic at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I welcome your independent research project when you get it started.
>> Or anybody's, really. I suppose the null hypothesis is that one can
>> simply stay silent and wins the issue anyway. Obviously, I tend to
>> fall on the Gandhi/Martin Luther King side of that issue -- at least
>> I'm transparent about my biases.
> I disagree - the null hypothesis is that the gain from lobbying isn't
> worth the cost, not that the gain is zero. (Cost includes far more
> than just monetary cost, of course.)
You have to compare the cost of lobbying with the cost of not lobbying too.
Censorship is the worst case against our mission ("knowledge for
everyone"), so opposing it is a more worthy stance (less costy) than
consenting it.
These bills would set up a structure capable of the equivalent of the
Great Firewall of China. We're not doing very good in China. That's one
fifth of the planet already off-limit of our mission. There's no reason
to let a country to shut off another whole part of mankind, in
particular when you CAN do something.

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