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Wouldn't it be better if you just moderate non-member messages, so there is no confusion where they need to post and they won't get accidentally rejected?


On 2012-01-22, at 12:43 PM, keisuke koyanagi wrote:

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> this post has not concreat reason to integrate service . so I reinforce
> it.then acheve more powerful integration in another way.
> I have an idea to improve  usability.
> [00:36] <koyakei__> I want to add friendlist to wikipedia.
> [00:39] <koyakei__> There are someone  ,who want to  overwhelm regulation
> of "what is not wikipedia"
> [00:39] <koyakei__> I analyse them , they wants to place to expose  opinion.
> [00:40] <koyakei__> Wikipedia is very attractive place.
> [00:41] <koyakei__> So  attractive place gather many people who wants to
> expose opinion.
> [00:42] <koyakei__> block them from wikipedia, they would do same activity
> in another project.
> [00:43] <koyakei__> Blocking is not good solution. So I propose. block
> someone individually.
> [00:44] <koyakei__> I have more idea about this broblem.  Where should I
> talking about that.
> [00:45] <koyakei__> Aer  there someone propose about that. in somewhere
> else.
> [00:45] <koyakei__> ?
> Chat room member answerd , I should talk it here .So I post.
> I do not know english situation.
> But Japanese situation is like that.
> To prevent this I propose. add friend list to wiki.
> then tagging article per comment. And serach tagged comment ,then create 1
> article.
> In this case , almost we do not need blocking from project. and there is
> noone run away to new project then do same thing.
> Searching needs power of server.
> Clutural analyse.
> I feel Japanese are difficlut to classfy our char actor.Because of this ,
> we write IP address on wikipedea.
> If we wrote with real name in wikipedia ,that is strictry linked author's
> back ground . and argue in note use his background. That is too much for
> volunteer.
> In wikia I saw an article .http://campaigns.wikia.com/wiki/Personal_history
> In Japanese proverb , this question is yes to all people .
> I think linking diffrent elements is Japanese habit. But recentry that is
> changed..Evidence is this article.
> I feel linking power is increasing, ability of classify will down. in this
> situation. "what is not wiki~~~~" will be weak to separate project.
> befor that, think about integrate all project is better. With semantc and
> timeline and socialy.
> I beleve integrate all web service (for example wiki, twitter, SNS
> ,anonymous BBS)is trend.
> Are there anybody think about this problem?
> This post is 1%of my idea. Long post is bother to read,today I stop here.
> My english is poor so, someone  who can here about this please call me on
> skype: koyakei.
> koyanagi keisuke
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> 小柳圭輔 Koyanagi Keisuke
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