[Foundation-l] FW: [Wikitech-l] proposed tech conference anti-harassment policy

Ryan Kaldari rkaldari at wikimedia.org
Sat Jan 21 23:15:18 UTC 2012

1]On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 2:57 PM, MZMcBride <z at mzmcbride.com> wrote:

> David, I'm a bit surprised that you think a policy that includes the
> language "Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any conference
> venue or talks." is a good idea. I think it'd be difficult to have a
> discussion about Wikimedia Commons with a rule like this. Was this what you
> were +1ing?
> MZMcBride

This is purely a policy for tech conferences. Other types of events, such
as GLAM conferences are developing their own versions which have different
language as appropriate.[1] It is certainly possible to discuss technical
issues surrounding Commons without using porny presentations.[2]

1. http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/GLAMcamp_DC/Friendly_space_policy
2. http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Porny_presentation

Ryan Kaldari

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