[Foundation-l] THIS is why we support WMF! Sincere thanks for a blackout.

Alec Meta alecmeta at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 16:31:29 UTC 2012

Wikimedia is a movement.   We're not a game, we're not a website, we're not
even just an encyclopedia-- we're a nonviolent revolution in information
For-profit media is harder to trust--  we've seen that "For-profit" media
often means "For sale".
In a time where it's hard to trust a congress or mainstream media,  one
thing we can agree to trust is each other--  in the form of the Wikimedia
community and its leaders.

Today, I'm so proud to be a part of this community.   It's _extra-clear_
today that we do stand for something-- indeed, we stand for something quite
MSNBC and CNN can never afford to go back-- they have advertisers.   We are
one of the few truly-non-profit information sources-- and that gives us a
unique value unlike for-profit information sources.   In a sea of alphabet
soup, three letters we CAN trust are WMF.

I hope in 2012, the WMF will take its governance model and continue to
apply it outside the limited scope of encyclopedias.   Genealogy is the
goto example-- Ancestry.com can't afford to blackout for good causes-- WE

We're not just another information source-- we're an information source
with a conscience.   That makes all the difference.

Good work, WMF.  Thank you for what you've done, thank you for what you're

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