[Wikimedia-l] WMF trustee activity levels

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I agree that other qualitative and quantitative information would be helpful and I hope that Sj or other trustees will comment on the level of trustee engagement.

>From what I've seen in the public records, the attendance of WMF trustees at Board events seems to be fairly good, but that says nothing about whether trustees were asking valuable questions and contributing substantially to conversations with staff and other trustees. 

I am wondering if we could have live broadcasts of the non-confidential portions of Board meetings, similar to how the monthly live metrics meetings are broadcast. Would anyone on the board or from staff (Sue? Geoff?) like to comment on that idea?



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> The obvious point, which has been made many times on this list over the
> years, is that activity on mailing lists or meta is not a good proxy for
> measuring the activity of a member of the board. The best measure would be
> engagement with the duties of the board (which don't include posting on the
> lists or being an active editor). We'd need peer evaluations and meeting
> attendance records to really get to that. If we had that information, I
> know it would figure in my voting for board elections.


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