[Wikimedia-l] compromise?

cyrano cyrano.fawkes at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 01:09:36 UTC 2012

Le 29/12/2012 17:01, Leslie Carr a écrit :
> On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 1:45 PM, James Salsman <jsalsman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> How about for the April fundraiser, instead of setting a dollar value
>> goal, we agree to use multivariate analysis instead of A/B testing to
>> optimize the messaging from volunteer submissions in advance, then run
>> the whole thing for a fixed time frame, say three weeks, and then use
>> the actual amount raised to decide whether salaries should be
>> competitive with area tech firms,
> I've bit my tongue at this a bunch of times but I need to finally put
> my foot down.
> Which tech employees are saying that we need our salaries to be at Bay
> Area tech standards.  Sure, I'd love a big raise (I'm greedy!).  I
> took a pay cut to come work at the Foundation.  However, I'm not
> starving, I'm not living in the ghetto with 20 people huddled into a
> single room, and most importantly, I knew what my salary was going to
> be when I joined the foundation.  I knew that I wouldn't be getting
> bonuses, stock options, massages, breakfast, lunch, dinner, baristas,
> onsite personal trainers, onsite physical therapists, haircuts,
> dentists, business class everywhere (that might have been the hardest
> thing to give up!), nutritionists, aeron chairs, dry cleaning,
> laundry, and all that.  And you know what -- if I did get those
> things, I have a feeling that it wouldn't look too good to our donors,
> and we'd be having the exact opposite discussion.  Plus, I can make my
> own coffee.
So is this document, which states otherwise, obsolete?

Some quotes:
"annually in July, staff are eligible for a merit increase. "
"The Wikimedia Foundation offers a benefits package for all staff, which 
includes medical,
dental, vision and life insurance."
"small services are provided such as coffee and soda.  Food is 
occasionally also
provided for working lunches or dinners, at the supervisors' 
discretion.  In-office massage
is provided monthly at a discounted rate."
"once a month a staff lunch is provided.  Once a quarter,
a staff outing is staged.  Once a year, there is a holiday party. "
"staff are encouraged to work with their supervisors
to plan for their professional development, which might include 
attending a professional
conference, taking a course, or working with a coach.  All spending on 
development is approved in advance by the supervisor."
"the Wikimedia Foundation intends to launch a wellness program , in
which staff will be reimbursed, within a set monthly limit, for expenses 
related to personal
health and wellness.  These might include for example the costs of 
counselling services,
massage, yoga classes, or gym memberships."
"Possibilities may include for example tuition reimbursements
and the creation of a sabbatical program."

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