[Wikimedia-l] If I could talk to the wiki folks...

MZMcBride z at mzmcbride.com
Sat Dec 29 20:22:09 UTC 2012

Samuel Klein wrote:
> It seems guaranteed to cause confusion.
> "Wiki Med" strikes me as the second most confusing possible name for an
> associated group.
> The most confusing would be a multimedia / news organization named "Wiki
> Media".
> I hope the medical group will change its name officially and permanently.

Second most confusing? I guess you missed the wikitech-l thread about a
possible "MediaWiki Foundation."

> Yes, what the world needs is another horribly confusingly named foundation.
> After we establish the MediaWiki Foundation, we can start work on the
> MikiWedia Foundation and the WediaMiki Foundation. ;-)



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